Joseph Matthew

  • Director at Business Creator & Software WORX

Decades of experience at leading online companies - Dell, Microsoft. Over 7 year period managed various aspects of online transactions that grew from $5M/day to $60M/day. At Microsoft worked with a distributed team of developers and engineers across Dublin, Singapore, Hyderabad and Redmond.
In 2008, I created an online video course called Powerful CMS, that has had over 0.5M views. 

Over the last 6 years I have helped various business owners expand their online business, startup various ventures and developed solutions to large media companies that believed a solution was impossible or time frames were unrealistic. 

My name is Joseph Matthew "Joe Matthew". SEOJoe is my online handle. I am not an SEO provider nor am I religious. I am a servant leader going about my fathers business. 

I develop software solutions for painful problems in the marketplace. Software WorxMy Lead iQ,Powerful LMSeGility are few of my online ventures. 

I am generally involved in business process mapping, automation and technology solutions that eliminate painful problems and make work fun. I help make ideas work -- all aspects of B2B internet, mobile, tablet and software based solutions. 

My expertise is in product development, innovation and online business strategy.  The free report here is a good way to know how I operate and hopefully you find it useful.